Creamed Honey - 12 ounce jar

Creamed Honey - 12 ounce jar


 Encouraged to crystallize with a creamy, smooth texture, creamed honey is an elegant addition to breakfast or high tea. Spread on scones, biscuits, muffins or bagels for a decadent treat, or create a gourmet peanut butter and honey sandwich.

  • Storage

    Creamed honey is shelf stable, and does not require refrigeration. Chilling will create a firmer texture, while warming will soften it. Be careful not to completely liquify it, as it will not regain it's original consistency.

  • Ingredients

    Creamed Orange Blossom Honey: honey.

    Creamed Honey with Cinnamon: honey, ground cinnamon.

    Creamed Honey with Chocolate: honey, cocoa powder (amazing on a toasted bagel, or with peanut butter toast!)