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Our Story

20 Years of Playing with Bees

Dominique & Bees is a small family business started by Judy Casale in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. What began with one backyard beehive for pollinating the family fruit trees has become a passion and a way of life, with 60 beehives in seven different apiaries, scattered throughout Castro Valley, Livermore, Lafayette, Fremont, and Byron in Northern California, and Templeton in the Central Coast area. (Beehives are like potato chips. You can't just have one). 

Judy carefully tends her hives, keeping them healthy by using disease resistant queens, and organic treatment protocols. By avoiding the use of commonly used beekeeping chemicals, the purity of the honey and beeswax produced by the hives is protected.

Where does the "Dominique" come from? "I named my company as a tribute to my father, George Dominique. From an early age, he taught me by example to continue learning, doing, creating, and to satisfy curiosity by taking action. Ask me about the sailboat he built in our backyard!"

The uniqueness of Dominique Honey and Beeswax Products is the hands-on care and attention that go into creating each product. Many months are spent tending to the bees to keep them healthy and productive. Many hours are spent extracting the honey and refining the beeswax, and carefully producing each product. You will enjoy the finest quality all-natural ingredients, and a unique combination of scents, textures, and flavors.

Enjoy them yourself and share them with friends.

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